Voraxial Impeller-Induced Cyclonics

Simultaneous three-way separation for oilfield water treatment

Voraxial impeller-induced cyclonics provides instantaneous, continuous, concurrent separation of water, oil, and solids at very high flow rates to bring new efficiencies to oilfield water sourcing and management.

This innovative inline water treatment process cleans water from varying sources by separating out oil with any entrained gas and solids with different specific gravities. Voraxial cyclonics significantly outperforms conventional centrifuge or hydrocyclone separation, which requires a booster pump to counter its performance-constraining pressure drop and must use multiple units and multiple passes for the separate removal of oil and solids from the liquid.

How it works

The Voraxial impeller-induced cyclonics uses a unique no-shear impeller to induce radial and axial flow for three-way separation of water, oil, and solids. Read more

Frac-grade water from any water source

Voraxial cyclonics is a compact and mobile unit available in three standard sizes for inline at-rate connection to the process stream. Depending on your specific water needs, the separation process can be followed with ultraviolet (UV) light, oxidation, and biocide treatments to

  • destroy polymer content for frac water recycling
  • sterilize microbes for pit and pond maintenance
  • reduce select ions for protection of tanks and pipelines and saltwater disposal.

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