Well Production

Services, products, tools, and equipment to maximize and extend production for the life of the reservoir.

Artificial Lift

Early Production Facilities

Production Logging

Production Testing


Water Management

Chemicals & Treatments

Produced Water & Sand Management

Pipeline Drag Reduction

Production Monitoring

Production Optimization Services

Corrosion Evaluation and Monitoring

Effective inspections of casing to evaluate corrosion with a combination of measurements: acoustic, electrical, and mechanical.

Production Software

Manage your production assets more intelligently.

Related services and products

Deploy Mobile Units to Optimize Production Testing Operations

Mobile production testing
Efficiently bring wells online and optimize production planning decisions with accurate real-time data.
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Eliminate Need for ESP Replacement Due to Production Decline

REDA Continuum unconventional extended-life ESP
The REDA Continuum unconventional extended-life ESP provides continuous production through wide operating ranges, unpredictable flow behavior, abrasive conditions, and gas production.
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