Real-Time Monitoring and Optimization

Optimize artificial lift and reduce operating costs

Artificial lift monitoring systems and services draw on Schlumberger technology, highly systemized processes, our experience and expertise, and collaboration with your field personnel. The goals are to help you

  • prolong equipment life and increase uptime
  • improve lift system performance
  • optimize underperforming wells
  • minimize operator errors at the wellsite
  • maximize field crew efficiency
  • reduce operating costs
  • gain immediate increases in production.

Lift IQ Production Life Cycle Management Service

Real-Time Production Flow Rate Analysis Service

Artificial Lift Downhole Monitoring Systems

Capture precise data and maximize inflow performance with Phoenix artificial lift downhole monitoring systems. Our monitoring systems support in-depth analysis, diagnostics, and remediation planning.

Phoenix xt150 High-Temperature Downhole Monitoring System for ESPs  |   Phoenix CTS Cable-to-Surface Artificial Lift Downhole Monitoring System

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Real-Time Flow Rate Calculations Spot Early Trends

Real-Time Surveillance Saves One of Apache’s Biggest Producers in the Forties Field from Critical ESP Damage
Flow rate calculations enable engineers to detect trends and quickly diagnose problems such as declining flow and increasing motor temperature.
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Phoenix CTS Cable-to-Surface Artificial Lift Downhole Monitoring System

Phoenix Downhole Monitoring Systems
Monitor downhole parameters in real time to maintain efficient production and improve well integrity. Visit Downhole Monitoring Systems page