LiftWatcher Real-Time Surveillance Service

Prevent and resolve ESP downtime

The LiftWatcher real-time surveillance service provides round-the-clock surveillance of all artificial lift systems, preventing or resolving ESP downtime, misuse, or failure. The service enables engineers to monitor and analyze data from multiple wells across several fields simultaneously in real time.

Monitor around the clock

Our experienced surveillance engineers monitor alarms and alerts 24/7, 365 days a year, at one of many Schlumberger Artificial Lift Surveillance Centers (ALSCs). Data are transferred via satellite to and from remote locations, hostile environments, and sites with limited or no data acquisition capabilities. Where an existing SCADA system is in place, the LiftWatcher system can extract the data and process it with the same top-quality results.

Analyze measurements with field-proven experience

From motor temperature to continuous flow, ALSC engineers review alarm events for all measurements at the wellsite. They analyze data summaries and poll data on demand. Using Schlumberger best practices and systematic workflows, they identify probable causes and quickly report remediation options to you for rapid implementation.

Communicate critical recommendations fast

Recommendations are relayed directly to field personnel, who review them via text-messages, e-mail, or a user-friendly Web application. Critical events requiring immediate action to prevent equipment failure are also communicated by phone. When engineers see an opportunity to optimize a well, use of the LiftPro well optimization service is recommended.

SCB3 Site Communication Box

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ESP Electric Cost Optimization Saves About USD 480,000 Annually

Electric Cost Optimization for ESP Saves Estimated USD 480,000 for Cepsa
LiftWatcher surveillance service obtains real-time data and enables 16% reduction in electric costs for Compañía Española de Petróleos (Cepsa) in Colombia. Read tech report

ALSC Database Identifies 700+ Sources of Alarms and Alerts

Closed valve below ESP prevented fluid from covering ESP motor and intakeClosed surface valve prevented ESP from discharging fluid.Gradual scale buildup in tubing above ESP choked back flow.Back pressure alarm from separator identified potential shutdown.Low flow would have shut down equipment without problem identification.Buildup and drawdown test results were captured for analysis.
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