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A decade of innovative subsea lifting

Schlumberger has been dedicated to understanding and implementing reliable, low-risk subsea lift systems since the earliest industry efforts. We have contributed to the development of the industry’s first subsea ESP field in the Eastern South of China, which is considered the world’s largest subsea ESP operation, and also played a major role in the completion of the industry’s first subsea ESP installation in the ultradeep water offshore Brazil. These industry-first installations are among the more than 150 Schlumberger subsea lift installations worldwide today.

Subsea ESPs Restart After Year-Long Shutdown

More than 20 ESPs successfully restarted after typhoon shut down production in South China Sea, saving the client more than USD 500 million in workover costs. Read case study

Extensive range of integrated systems

Our subsea lift technologies offer a reliable range of designs that address the demanding needs of subsea production. These technologies include XLift high-pressure and Barrier series gas lift systems, high-horsepower caisson ESPs, and ultra-efficient backup system options. Operators’ customized assemblies must pass a system integration test before being installed in a subsea well. The quality control and product testing ensure that all components are functioning properly before being installed, minimizing potential assembly-related downtime.

ESP Pod Systems

High-Pressure Gas Lift Valves

Real-Time Monitoring and Optimization

Variable Speed Drives

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Integrated Lifting Solutions for Subsea ESP Systems

Subsea Lift
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Inwell and Caisson Subsea Lifting Systems

Inwell and caisson lifting systems
With two decades of subsea experience and worldwide firsts, Schlumberger plays a leading role in integrated lifting solutions. Read Subsea Lift brochure