Smith Lift Hydraulic Diaphragm ESP

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Smith Lift hydraulic diaphragm electric submersible pumps (HDESPs) are positive-displacement, double-acting diaphragm pumps with a downhole motor. They are designed for use in low-liquid-rate coalbed methane and other oil and gas shallow wells that require artificial lift to remove water from the wellbore.

These pumps can be set above or below the perforations and are designed to run in wells that are less than 2,500 ft deep and that produce less than 200 bbl/d. HDESPs are designed to withstand aggressive chemical environments downhole and can handle a wide variety of fluids and up to 2% sand, coal, fines and H2S/CO2. With no moving parts, they are simple to install, operate, and maintain. They use only one third the power required to drive a conventional pump, can handle higher volumes, are extremely reliable, and are suitable for environmentally sensitive areas.

Production enhancement

  • Maximum drawdown by lowering fluid to-pump intake without cavitation
  • Pumpoff control via surface controls (no downhole sensor


  • Complete isolation of all internal components from well fluids
  • Elimination of mechanical erosion (no rod wear), plunger to barrel solids interference, and plugging of small vane openings, common with low-flow-rate ESPs

Reduced operating costs

  • Documented power savings of more than 50%, compared with alternative lift systems
  • Efficiency due to low flow rates (less than 200 bbl/d [32 m3/d]
  • No need for routine maintenance

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Smith Lift Hydraulic Diaphragm ESP

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Case Studies

Hydraulic Diaphragm ESP Saves More Than 50% in Electricity Expenditure for CBM Wells 
Pumps Prolong Well Life and Increase Production in Sensitive Locale
Smith Lift HDESP Saves 12 Days in Production Time and Thousands of Dollars in Replacement Costs