Gas Lift

Our gas lift products give you the quality and the flexibility you need. Slickline retrievable gas-lift valves can be pulled and replaced without disturbing tubing if designs or system performance must be changed. Gas-lift installations manage abrasive materials, such as sand, and can be used in low-productivity, high gas/oil ratio wells, or deviated wellbores.

New gas lift systems are pressure barrier qualified and rated to a higher pressure to provide reliable performance in deepwater and subsea wells. The higher pressure rating and pressure barrier features mean deeper depths of gas injection and enhanced wellbore integrity.

Side Pocket Mandrels

Retrievable Gas Lift Valves

Conventional Gas Lift Systems

Surface Flow Control Valves

HPHT Gas Lift Systems & Solutions

Perforated-Zone Gas Lift System

DesignRite Artificial Lift Design and Optimization Software

Simplify the design process of ESP and gas lift systems with intuitive, user-friendly workflows.

Gas Lift Software

​Avocet Gas Lift management solutions for continuous, fast-loop tuning to deliver optimal levels of lift performance and production.

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What's New in Artificial Lift

Barrier Series Dual-Pocket, Side-Pocket Mandrel
Suited for high-pressure, deepwater and subsea installations—the unit lowers costs and downtime by improving the pressure integrity of the upper-completion wellbore environment. Read article