EVEN WALL Uniform-Elastomer Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP)

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For wells with high temperatures and conditions that cause elastomers to swell

In a conventional progressing cavity pump, the heat accumulates where the elastomer is thicker and can potentially damage the elastomer. The EVEN WALL uniform-elastomer PCP incorporates uniform elastomer thickness, resulting in an even temperature distribution.

The PCP works particularly well under swell conditions. Uniform swelling of the elastomer enables an accurate, more consistent fit between the rotor and stator, improving pump performance and making this technology suitable for light oil applications or wherever swelling is likely.

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Petrolera Sinovensa Reduces Workover Costs
by 65%

Petrolera Sinovensa Reduces Workover Costs by 65%
A KUDU PCP with constant-thickness elastomer ran for 675 days in a high-GOR well where conventional technology had lasted just 79 days.
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