Electric Submersible Pumps

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ESP systems for diverse applications and environments

From simplifying installation to meeting the temperature and viscosity demands of all well environments, every detail affecting our ESP pumps has been considered. Maximize production, increase system run life, and ultimately reduce system life-cycle costs with an effective and efficient ESP system fit for any well.

REDA Maximus ESP System

Increase reliability and safety with an ESP system that features a plug-and play motor, protector, and gauge.

REDA Continuum Unconventional Extended-Life ESP

Improve recovery and reliability at low rates, in transient flow, and in gassy and abrasive environments, eliminating the need for costly replacements due to production changes.

ZEiTECS Shuttle Rigless ESP Replacement System

Increase production, reduce costs, and minimize HSE exposure by retrieving and redeploying any standard ESP assembly without a rig—using wireline, coiled tubing, or sucker rods.

REDA Coil CT-Deployed ESP System

EZLine Low-Temperature ESP System

ESP System Components

LiftPro Well Optimization Service

Optimize production in underperforming artificially lifted wells.

MaxFORTE High-Reliability ESP System

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Troubleshoot Gas-Handling Problems to Improve Production from ESP Wells

Top 10 Ways to Master Gas Handling for ESP Wells
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Controlling Drawdown Improves Productivity and Extends System Run Life

Customized ESP Solution Optimizes Operations in the Unconventional Eagle Ford Shale
An innovative production strategy enhanced system efficiency and operations in the Eagle Ford Shale. Read case study

REDA Hotline XTend HT ESP System Wins Award for Engineering Innovation

REDA HotlineSA3 High-Temperature ESP System 
The Hotline XTend HT ESP system is designed for increased control, efficiency, and reliability in oil thermal recovery applications and abrasive environments with poor cooling characteristics. Read article