Cables for REDA ESP Systems

High-integrity power cables

Incorporating the most advanced materials and formulas, developed through decades of research and continuous testing, power cables for REDA ESP systems are designed and manufactured to maximize overall ESP system run life. While a basic configuration of the main components is suitable for most well conditions, each standard cable can be customized to suit the specific requirements of a given well, including temperature and pressure ratings, corrosive properties, and gas/oil ratios. Various grades of armor ranging from standard galvanized steel to MONEL alloys are available for protection against corrosive environments. All these ESP cables feature fully annealed, high-conductivity copper and tin, lead-alloy-coated conductors for additional protection against corrosion. They also include best-in-class fluid and gas impermeable barriers and corrosion-resistant high-strength metallic armors.


Power Cables Portfolio for REDA ESP Systems

Cable Family Application Construction
REDA MAX 250 Low temperature, low gas PPEO, PP, PTB, POTB
REDA MAX 400 High temperature, moderate gas EE, ETBE
REDA Lead High temperature, gassy, corrosive ELBE, ELB, EHLTB
REDA Lead 8 kV Deepwater, subsea, high temperature,
high horsepower


Motor lead extensions

The motor lead extension (MLE) designs provide the optimal combination of installation simplicity and downhole performance. Polyimide is used as the primary insulation, significantly reducing cable dimensions for a small profile. For extreme high-temperature or specialty applications, PEEK is used as the insulation material. The same patented and proprietary materials used in Schlumberger power cables are used in the MLE designs as secondary insulations and jackets to maximize system reliability.

  • The MaxLok ESP quick-plug motor lead extension is an integral component of the overall REDA Maximus ESP system. These MLEs eliminate the taping process of the pothead to the motor at the wellsite, considerably reducing the assembly time, while maintaining the same performance and increasing reliability.
  • The REDA Hotline XTend extended-capability high-temperature ESP system's motor lead extension is a new plug-in MLE with a temperature rating of -40 to 550 degF [-40 to 288 degC], ideal for the high temperatures and corrosive environments of thermal recovery, such as steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). It incorporates a high-temperature plug-in design and a completely sealed motor plug-in connection, including a dual O-ring configuration (high- and low-temperature O-rings).
  • The Trident extreme-conditions motor lead extension features a robust, plug-in design that improves reliability in the most power-demanding and critical applications. PEEK-insulated copper conductor leads plug in directly to the motor through individual connectors. Test ports for each individual conductor verify the integrity of the O-ring seal during installation, before running the system into the hole.

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Industry-Leading Power Cables and Motor Lead Extensions

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Power cable and motor lead extension configurations can be customized for all well environments.
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Advanced Manufacturing and Latest Material Technologies

REDA Hotline ESP Power Cables
Power cables and motor lead extensions for REDA ESP systems have a track record of more than 70 years of industry-leading performance. View specifications