LiftPro Well Optimization Service

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Enhance performance of artificially lifted wells

The LiftPro well optimization service optimizes underperforming artificially lifted wells by analyzing how efficiently a pump is performing within its operating range. This service is available as part of the LiftWatcher real-time surveillance service or independently of it.

Identify underperforming wells

Candidate wells are identified by Schlumberger surveillance engineers at one of the many Schlumberger Artificial Lift Surveillance Centers (ALSCs).

Analyze and predict performance

ALSC engineers analyze the performance of pump operating parameters by matching actual data with wellbore models of artificial lift.

Diagnose and recommend remediation

ALSC engineers follow a systematic workflow and analytical process to diagnose problems, and recommend remediation.

Optimize artificially lifted wells

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Analysis Predicts Higher Production Capacity

Well surveillance service indicated well underperforming.
A LiftPro service recommendation led to a production increase of almost 50% and a water cut decrease of 3%.
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