ZEiTECS Shuttle Rigless ESP
Replacement System

Retrieve and redeploy ESP assemblies without a rig using conveyance methods

The plug-and-play design of the innovative ZEiTECS Shuttle rigless ESP replacement system enables any standard ESP assembly to be retrieved and redeployed without a rig—using wireline, coiled tubing (CT), or sucker rods. The award-winning ZEiTECS Shuttle system thus eliminates the uncertainties, inconvenience, and economic impact of rig cost and availability.

Implement production optimization measures

This rigless ESP replacement system reduces operating cost, minimizes deferred production, eliminates disruption to operations, and reduces HSE exposure and risk. Additional benefits include the following:

  • The ZEiTECS Shuttle system enables deployment of a test ESP system to clean up the well and measure reservoir productivity, and subsequently enables rigless replacement of the test system by an ESP of optimal design.
  • Plug-and-play optimization ensures that the ESP configuration can be easily adapted to changing well conditions.
  • The system facilitates preventive maintenance programs to increase ESP run life and eliminate unexpected failures.

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ZEiTECS Shuttle System Decreases ESP Replacement Time by 87%

ZEiTECS Shuttle Rigless ESP Replacement System Decreases ESP Replacement Time by 87%
Customer ESP riglessly retrieved in less than 2 days on coiled tubing.
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