Beam Pumping Units

Industry-leading pumping units proven for generations

Schlumberger pumping equipment incorporates extensive and recent field experience into proven designs. We offer a comprehensive range of pumping units that includes all makes and models, spare parts, and knowledgeable staff who quickly locate exactly what you need.

Pumping equipment

Beam pumping units are available in sizes from API 25 to 1280. The new family of Schlumberger pumping units comprises

  • Schlumberger conventional crank-balanced pumping unit
  • Schlumberger beam-balanced pumping unit
  • TorqMax advanced geometry pumping unit
  • FlexLift low-profile pumping unit
  • HG curved-beam pumping unit
  • HSU hydraulic stroking unit.

Each pumping unit is fully assembled and tested prior to shipping. Testing documentation and operator’s manuals are included with every unit.

Schlumberger Conventional & Beam-Balanced Pumping Units

Manufactured to API standards and able to provide reliable, cost-effective performance at a competitive price.

TorqMax Advanced Geometry Pumping Unit

Reduced lifting costs through lower torque and horsepower requirements in a range of applications, in particular shale wells.

FlexLift Low-Profile Pumping Unit

Ideal for agricultural areas with travelling overhead irrigation systems.

Curved Beam Pump

Portable pumping units

Self-contained, portable, trailer-mounted pumping units are available for rent, perfect for temporary rod pumping situations. Contact us for size and location availability.

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