Early Production Facilities

Begin production early while full field development is being planned and permanent facilities are being built. Early-production facilities (EPFs) can help operators bring their new discoveries onstream fast. Schlumberger has designed and installed modular, fit-for-purpose EPFs worldwide for more than 30 years and to date has completed approximately 70 projects.

EPFs and fast-track schedules can help operators create an early cash flow with only a minimum cash outlay. They also provide real-time production data that can help operators appraise reservoir performance before they install more-expensive long-term facilities. EPFs can be used for small reserves that would be financially risky or uneconomical to produce with a permanent production facility.

Extended Well Tests

Evaluate productivity and characteristics of a reservoir to help operators understand reservoir potential.

Production services

An extensive range of production services is available, based on the EPF business model selected:

  • Fast-track early production and interim facilities, plants, and systems
  • Hydrocarbon liquids recovery and dewpoint control plants
  • Gas storage leaching facilities
  • CO2 and H2S removal
  • Multiphase pumping
  • Optimization of existing production facilities
  • All necessary support systems (power generation, controls, monitoring and detection, and operation camps)

Flexible business models

Schlumberger offers a variety of commercial business models for EPFs that afford clients the flexibility to maximize their return on investment:

  • Build—Own—Operate (equipment rental plus operation)
  • Build—Own—Operate—Transfer (equipment rental plus operation with the option to purchase)

System facilities

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Modular EPFs to Suit Your Operations

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