Production Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, control, and intervention services to improve production in underperforming wells

Identify improved-production opportunities in underperforming wells or fields with our production management techniques. Real-time monitoring and control, or periodic intervention services, identify problems in the reservoir or wellbore construction and help you improve production with targeted remedial actions.

Vx Spectra Surface Multiphase Flowmeter

WellWatcher Monitoring Systems

Artificial Lift Real-Time Monitoring and Optimization

PhaseWatcher Multiphase Flowmeter

FloWatcher Permanent Downhole Monitor

Subsea Production Surveillance

Production Monitoring and Surveillance Software

Monitor Wells and Reservoirs Remotely
in Real Time

WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems provide long-term well and reservoir monitoring without the cost of well interventions, helping you identify trends throughout the useful life of your well or field.
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The Most Accurate Surface Multiphase Flowmeter to Date

Vx Spectra Multiphase Flowmeter
Only the Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter captures the full spectrum of gamma energy levels at high frequency from a single point in the venturi throat, ensuring the most accurate flow rate measurements in all flow conditions. Visit Vx Spectra Flowmeter page