Produced Water & Sand Management

Compact processing solutions for optimized treatment of produced water and sand

Schlumberger provides fit-for-purpose processing systems that provide superior separation that maximizes hydrocarbon production potential with minimal environmental impact.

Our compact and field-proven EPCON produced water treatment technologies and CYCLOTECH cyclonic separation technologies accommodate both anticipated and unexpected variations in the well stream.

The technologies offer a wide operating envelope with minimized footprint, saving rig space and limiting additional infrastructure requirements. These self-reliant and monitored systems can run autonomously for operations on remote facilities.

Compact Produced Water Treatment

Compact Produced Sand Management

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Introducing a New Spin on
Produced Water Treatment

EPCON Dual compact flotation unit
The innovative EPCON Dual CFU improves oil-in-water removal efficiency in half the footprint of conventional systems. Visit EPCON Dual CFU page

Compact, Dynamic Processes
for Superior Separation

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