Oil-in-Water Removal and Solids Separation

Cameron, a Schlumberger company, provides technologies and services to treat oil and gas, manage water quality, remove solids, control pressure, and monitor produced streams to enable the production of saleable hydrocarbons. Custom-engineered and standardized equipment is available for onshore or offshore applications and upstream to downstream environments.

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Oil Removal

Because the oil entrained in produced water must be separated for the water’s reuse or disposal, Cameron offers oil removal systems that range from bulk oil separation, to final polishing, to disposal. These systems include flotation units, nutshell filters, and scrubbers.

Solids Separation

As the solids content in production fluids increases, so do the problems it causes: erosion-related equipment damage, system fouling and plugging, and inefficient equipment performance. The desanding hydrocyclones that Cameron offers remove solids from gas and liquids.