Compact Produced Water Treatment

Innovative technologies for dynamic treatment of produced water

To maintain production targets, operators are growing more dependent upon produced water treatment processes. As global reserves continue to mature, environmental discharge legislation grows more stringent, and some offshore operators produce more water than oil, efficient maintenance becomes critical.

Enhance HSE safety with reduced operator intervention

Our compact water management systems are self-reliant, self-monitoring, self-tuning, and completely autonomous, which affords dynamic and optimized performance with minimal intervention with minimal environmental impact.

Minimize footprint and save rig space

For offshore applications in particular, we recognize that equipment must be performance-efficient as well as effective. Typically, every ton of process plant requires approximately three tons of super- and substructure to support process equipment space and weight. Schlumberger systems feature robust engineering in a simple design with no moving parts, giving you reliability and constant availability.



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Produced Water Treatment

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