Water Polishing with EPCON CFU Technologies

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Field-proven technology for treating produced water

Schlumberger field-proven produced water treatment technology efficiently removes oil from produced water, decreasing the oil content to below 5 ppm. Our EPCON CFU compact flotation unit technology has a smaller volume and shorter retention time than traditional flotation units.

Multiple advantages over conventional technologies

EPCON CFU technology offers multiple advantages over conventional water polishing methods, including

  • integration of standard, well-established gas flotation design with a confined swirling flow principle, producing a compact, high-performance system
  • suitability for FPSO applications, where the technology’s design suppresses the negative effects of sloshing
  • maximized simplicity, ease of control, and separation performance in minimal rig space and weight
  • improved safety by reducing harmful soluble oil pollutants.


All-inclusive field-proven technology that reduces oil in produced water content to below 5 ppm.


By incorporating a secondary separation stage, the EPCON Dual CFU increases oil-in-water removal efficiency while fully degassing the clean water outlet. This enables achieving improved oil-removal separation efficiency in a 50% smaller footprint compared with traditional systems.

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