Borehole Seismic

Collecting borehole data for reservoir characterization

Borehole seismic data collected during and after the drilling of exploration and appraisal wells delivers valuable information that is critical for reservoir characterization. Combined with surface seismic data, borehole seismic surveys can help calibrate results and improve your predictions, as well as image specific reservoir features around the borehole. Drillpipe-conveyed systems are used to collect information on seismic velocities while drilling and to predict lithological changes ahead of the bit. Wireline-conveyed tools and systems are used to acquire high-resolution seismic images in and beyond the borehole.

Many subsurface imaging problems cannot be solved without a 3D survey, and when a survey also needs to be performed in the borehole, the solution is 3D vertical seismic profile (VSP) technology.

seismicVISION Seismic LWD

Deliver borehole seismic measurements for real-time, time-depth-velocity information without disrupting drilling operations.

Q-Borehole Integrated Borehole Seismic System

Image around the borehole in high resolution with integrated borehole seismic services.

Interpretation Services

Work closely with Schlumberger petrotechnical teams to integrate geophysical data and interpretations into field and reservoir models that lead to better reservoir characterization, enhanced completions and drilling results, and better production decision.

3D VSP Processing

Perform 3D surveys in the borehole with 3D vertical seismic profile (VSP) technology.

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