Geophysical Processing & Characterization

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Advanced seismic data processing services and solutions

The industry’s most advanced seismic data processing services, software, and solutions performed by experts at our worldwide processing centers or at your office.

Schlumberger provides dedicated teams of geophysicists who specialize in survey design and modeling, inversion services, geological and geophysical interpretation studies, and integrated 3D VSP design and processing. Reservoir and production engineers, petrophysicists, geologists, and geomechanics experts provide the link to a broad range of services focusing on all operational upstream disciplines.

Data Processing and Imaging

Seismic Reservoir Characterization

Using the most advanced tools available, petrotechnical experts and geophysicists provide consistency between all models—regardless of their scale—combining information from a wide range of data acquisition technologies. Learn more about the processes and tools we bring to the challenge of characterizing the subsurface for E&P applications.

Seismic Drilling Support

A comprehensive range of services to address drilling challenges related to wellbore stability and drilling hazard analysis.

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New Integrated Workflow Streamlines Earth Model Building

Earth Model Building
Create high-resolution seismic images placed correctly in depth with greater speed and productivity.
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