Technologies, Algorithms and Workflows

We use the Omega seismic data processing system in all our processing centers. The processing technologies, algorithms, and workflows used are grouped into six distinct families. Together they form a comprehensive and integrated suite spanning survey design and modeling right through to advanced imaging, rock property inversion, and time-lapse (4D) analysis.

Gaussian Packet Migration (GPM) Imaging

A new migration approach to create high-resolution steep-dip images in complex environments or high-frequency images for post-salt targets.

Signal Processing and Data Conditioning

Time Imaging and Velocity Analysis

Depth Imaging and Velocity Model Building

Multicomponent Processing

Static Reservoir Definition

Time-Lapse Processing

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Integrated Software for a Seamless Data Environment

Technology: Infrastructure and Integration
Comprehensive and seamless workflows rely on a solid technology infrastructure built across an integrated geoscience environment. Read Technology: Infrastructure and Integration page