Depth Imaging and Velocity Model Building

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Depth imaging is the preferred seismic imaging tool for today's most challenging exploration and reservoir-delineation projects. In areas of structural or seismic velocity model complexity, many of the assumptions underpinning traditional time-domain processing are invalid and can produce misleading results. Typical situations might be heavily faulted sequences or salt intrusions. In these cases, only the careful application of 3D prestack depth imaging can be relied on to accurately delineate geological structure, aiding risk assessment, and helping operators to improve drilling success rates.

Depth Imaging Portfolio

From a technology perspective, high quality depth imaging has two main aspects: the ability to build detailed and accurate velocity models, coupled with a superior imaging algorithm. Our depth imaging portfolio provides a comprehensive suite of model building technologies and migration algorithms to solve even the most challenging imaging problems.

Velocity Model Building

Velocity model building is a key critical element in imaging the Earth. We have a wide range of velocity model building algorithms and workflows, including full waveform inversion, reflection tomography, for high-resolution calibrated velocity and anisotropic earth models, and our powerful refraction tomographies that detect shallow velocity anomalies. All those algorithms work with any acquisition configuration and can be applied to any geological setting. These computer intensive algorithms are also integrated with an interactive graphics environment for rapid and accurate quality control of the interim and final results.

Tomography/Inversion Portfolio

We have a wide range of tools and techniques for tomography and inversion, including full waveform inversion.

Velocity Modeling and Update Workflows

Prestack Depth Migration Algorithms

Structural Depth Imaging

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