3D Demultiple Portfolio

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Successful multiple attenuation requires a broad portfolio of demultiple technologies, a flexible and integrated processing approach, combined with knowledge and experience.

With this in mind, we have developed the most comprehensive portfolio of 3D multiple attenuation algorithms in the industry. The different technologies and workflows within the portfolio offer fit-for-purpose solutions that accommodate differing acquisition geometry (wide- or narrow-azimuth), spatial sampling, and structural complexity. Whatever the geological structure, water depth, or acquisition geometry, we have a demultiple approach that will fit your requirements.

The portfolio is composed of a suite of proprietary multiple prediction methods based on both data-driven and model-based techniques.

True-Azimuth 3D GSMP

True-Azimuth 3D GSMP general surface multiple prediction provides high-quality true-azimuth multiple predictions in all geophysical situations, and now includes an option for multiple surveys where data can be preferentially chosen to model multiples based upon user-selected criteria.

Zero-Azimuth 3D SMP

WEMM Modeling

Extended Internal Multiple Prediction

The application of 3D demultiple will significantly improve the quality of multiple attenuation over existing 2D methods. This leads directly to a superior image of your reservoir, and improved confidence in the result of subsequent reservoir characterization steps such as prestack inversion and AVO.

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Multiple Attenuation Options Provide Optimum Solutions

Signal Processing and Data Collection
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