Signal Enhancement Processing Techniques

Enhancing continuity and boosting resolution

This selection of technologies are chosen from a very broad portfolio of signal processing techniques. They are all designed to enhance structural continuity, boost resolution of fine details, and optimize amplitude and phase consistency in preparation for reservoir characterization.

Amplitude Compensation

Vector High Fidelity

With advanced seismic noise reduction and signal extraction, Vector High Fidelity (VHF) enhances the natural bandwidth of virtually any seismic survey by simultaneously optimizing the signal and frequency content. Application of this technology improves temporal resolution, reduces noise, and extends useable bandwidth for structural interpretation, improving inversion results.

Layer Parallel Smoothing (LPS)

Stochastic Beta Deconvolution (SBD)

Poststack Wavelet Stabilization

Remove the spatial variation in the signal wavelet caused by differences in fold or coverage, offset distribution, NMO stretch, and acquisition footprints.

Spatially Relative Amplitude Compensation (SRAC)

Over/Under Wavefield Separation

Compact Fourier Interpolation (COMFI)

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Enhance Stratigraphic Detail in Seismic Images

Vector High Fidelity Signal Enhancement
Vector High Fidelity (VHF) enhances data by simultaneously optimizing the signal and frequency content.
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