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Full waveform solutions for enhanced imaging and rock property characterization

Conventional seismic recording uses a single scalar measurement of pressure or vertical displacement throughout the 2D or 3D survey to derive images and models of the subsurface. Subsequent processing and inversion steps can be linked to the relative shear-wave contrasts in the subsurface using rock property relationships. However, sometimes it is impossible to meet a survey's seismic imaging or reservoir definition objectives using compressional (P) waves alone.

Multicomponent acquisition, including the Q-Seabed system records both the pressure and the displacement of the wavefields using 2C, 3C, 4C, or 9C, sensor systems and can record both shear and compressional (P) waves directly.

Our multicomponent processing portfolio consists of a broad range of algorithms and technologies specifically designed for many different multicomponent applications.

Our experience and technology enable you to extract the maximum value from your multicomponent data.

Multicomponent Processing Technology


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