Land Seismic Acquisition

Global imaging experience, advanced proprietary technology

WesternGeco provides comprehensive global resources for land seismic data acquisition and our technologies can be applied to many seismic and geological challenges.

Whether you require imaging of the near surface or characterization of steep dips and fractures, our technologies and techniques combine multiple geophysical and geological measurements to provide improved analysis of the subsurface, and, ultimately, a better image of the reservoir.

UniQ point-receiver seismic hardware and software enables a full range of imaging services, from cost-effective exploration through to the highest possible quality reservoir characterization and 4D production monitoring studies.

Land Acquisition Technologies

WesternGeco invests heavily in research and engineering to develop technologies that improve land seismic operational efficiency and image quality.

Land Acquisition Techniques

WesternGeco delivers a range of techniques to improve efficiency, productivity and imaging in land seismic acquisition projects.


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UniQ Point Receiver Land Seismic Acquisition Service

UniQ Integrated Point-Receiver Land Seismic System
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