Q-Marine Point-Receiver Marine Seismic System

High fidelity seismic images for improved mapping of complex reservoir features

Sophisticated seismic techniques have been the cornerstone of the consistent increase in exploration success for the E&P industry. The industry is now looking beyond exploration and applying seismic technology to reservoir management tasks. For these applications, the geophysicist, geologist, and reservoir engineer require exceptional data resolution to understand the subtle and complex details of the reservoir.

The WesternGeco Q-Marine point-receiver marine seismic system decodes the reservoir and provides detailed, repeatable reservoir descriptions that the E&P industry needs. Q-Marine surveys have typically resulted in a 35% improvement in bandwidth and a 300% improvement in repeatability.

At all stages in the field, Q-Marine seismic technology delivers essential value through unmatched resolution and repeatability within reservoir required timeframes.

Dynamic Spread Control (DSC)

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DSC: Improving Accuracy & Effectiveness of 4D surveys

Dynamic spread control
DSC dynamic spread control enables the planning and automated positioning of the vessel, source, and cables for marine seismic acquisition, as well as quality control and quality assurance of the acquisition deliverables.
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