Survey Design & Modeling

Designing geophysical solutions

4D and high-end acquisition solutions, such as full azimuth and broadband, are widely available to the industry. However, to unlock the full potential of data, it is essential to know when to use these techniques.

Specialized seismic survey consultation

We provide specialist survey solutions to both major and independent operators. Applying our substantial depth and breadth of experience, our experts help clients overcome survey and data challenges using advanced, state-of-the-art tools.

Fit-for-purpose survey conception, planning and tendering

From determining standard acquisition parameters, through geometry proof and selection, into seismic experiment simulation (using 3D viscoelastic finite difference modeling), we can be involved from survey conception, planning and tendering—or drafted in later to investigate and solve specific imaging challenges.

Expertise to optimize your operations

For operators who have data but who are experiencing imaging issues, we have the technology, expertise, and resources to define the seismic data value and—crucially—recognize the point of diminishing returns to safeguard your investment. We apply our vast experience in investigating and resolving survey and data challenges and specific imaging challenges using

  • 1D and surface attribute analysis
  • 3D anisotropic ray tracing
  • ray and wave equation-based illumination analysis
  • 1D and 2D acoustic and elastic finite difference modeling
  • 3D acoustic and viscoelastic, anisotropic finite difference modeling
  • OMNI 3D seismic survey design software
  • Petrel E&P software platform
  • Omega geophysics data processing platform.

4D Survey Planning and Design

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Advanced Techniques Provide Geophysical Solutions

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