Cement Evaluation & Design

Well Integrity: Cement Evaluation and Casing Inspection

Real-time acoustic logging is the foundation technology for evaluating cement placement and conducting casing inspection. Cement evaluation noninvasively measures the bond between the casing and the cement. Corrosion evaluation and monitoring combines acoustic, electrical, and mechanical measurements to detect and measure corrosion problems.

Integrated Cement Design 

ICD integrated cement design service uses all relevant measurements—LWD, laboratory, and openhole formation evaluation—to provide successful cement placement and evaluation. From this basis, facilitated and informed decisions can be made to improve zonal isolation. The ICD process also integrates the well's physical parameters as measured with Isolation Scanner cement evaluation service, cement bond log with VDL visual display log, or USI ultrasonic imager and the UCA ultrasonic cement analyzer.

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Fully Characterize Well Integrity

Isolation Scanner cement evaluation service combines classic pulse-echo technology with the new ultrasonic technique of flexural wave imaging to accurately evaluate any type of cement for bond and quality.
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