Formation Evaluation

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The more you understand your reservoir, the better positioned you are to manage it effectively and efficiently. Time is a critical factor in delivering information: You need insight now, not hindsight later. Real-time measurements and downhole fluid analysis enable confident decision making, while the tool is still in the hole if the acquisition of additional data is indicated.

MDT Modular Formation Dynamics Tester

Accurately measure formation pressure and permeability in real time with a flexible, modular system that also collects high-quality fluid samples. 

InSitu Fluid Sampling and Analysis

Understand your reservoir in real time with one-trip downhole fluid analysis.

Scanner Family

Real-time measurements and information from Scanner Family rock and fluid characterization services provide the most accurate petrophysical parameters for maximizing certainty in your reservoir model.

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Real-Time Downhole Fluid Analysis

InSitu Density
InSitu Family quantitative fluid properties measurements are made at reservoir conditions: density, composition, gas/oil ratio and condensate/gas ratio, CO2, color, fluorescence, and pH.
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Directly Measured Water-Filled Porosity for Saturation Basis

Dielectric Scanner
The fully articulated pad of Dielectric Scanner multifrequency dielectric dispersion service optimizes contact—even in rugose boreholes—to deliver answers in carbonates, shaly sands, and heavy oil reservoirs.
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