Real-Time Drilling

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To meet performance drilling objectives, Schlumberger incorporates experienced personnel, advanced processes, leading drilling technology, and proven drilling software.

Our global network of Operation Support Centers (OSC) remotely monitors, models, and controls processes to optimize drilling, while increasing safety and reducing risk. These centers use real-time geomechanics surveillance, drilling optimization, formation evaluation, and well placement services to fulfill specific client needs. Real-time monitoring of drilling data, collaborative workspaces, and remote operations management comprise the OSC service.

With 25 OSCs around the world, support for global drilling activity is available at any time, regardless of location or operational complexity.

Well Placement and Trajectory

Optimizing well location and trajectory helps in making better drilling decisions in real time.

Drilling Optimization

We can help you increase drilling efficiencies, cut rig time, mitigate risk, and optimize your drilling in real time. Working through an OSC system is a proven method for remotely monitoring and modeling drilling operations to optimize performance while increasing safety and reducing risk.

Remote Operations Management

Advanced wellsite connectivity and remote control software enable OSC personnel to remotely manage Schlumberger wellsite services in real time. This remote management includes control of most operations for directional drilling (DD), MWD, and LWD. As a result, fewer personnel at the wellsite cuts transportation and accommodation costs and reduces health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks.

Real-Time Drilling Geomechanics

  • Pore Pressure Prediction - Predrill pore pressure can be predicted in real time using fit-for-purpose seismic velocities with a velocity-to-pore-pressure transform calibrated to offset wells.
  • Wellbore Stability - The Schlumberger Geomechanics group pioneered a methodology to model and forecast borehole stability and to use this predrill knowledge in real time, enabling you to minimize formation-related drilling problems.

Drilling Optimization Software

Real-time drilling analyzer software transforms the data collected from all wellsite service providers into information that can be used to make well construction optimization decisions.

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