Unconventional Resources

Knowledge increases efficiency

Better reservoir knowledge and increasingly sophisticated technologies make the production of unconventional resources economically viable and more efficient. This efficiency is bringing shale reservoirs, tight gas and oil, and coalbed methane into the reach of more companies around the world.

Shale Gas & Liquids

Tight Gas & Oil

Advanced stimulation, reservoir characterization, and drilling technologies are driving efficiencies and production improvement.

Coalbed Methane (CBM)

Seismic for Unconventional Resources

Seismic data play an important role in microseismic and stimulation modeling, seismic guided drilling to place the wellbore in the reservoir sweet spot, and borehole seismic interpretation.

Unconventional Resource Basins & Plays

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Resolve Uncertainty with Petrotechnical Expertise

Unconventional Resources Petrotechnical Services
Schlumberger has a global network of petrotechnical experts who have the technical knowledge and experience to help you meet the challenges of unconventional plays and maximize success. Visit Expert Services for Unconventional Resources page

Petrel Shale—Designed Specifically for Shale Resources

Petrel Shale
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