Coiled Tubing

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Date Title Challenge Products Society
Mar 2015 Successful Offshore Coiled Tubing Well Intervention in Mega-Reach Wells in the Russian Caspian: A 4-Well Case Study SPE
Mar 2014 Journey of a Coiled Tubing Catenary Operation: Best Practice at South China Sea ICoTA
Mar 2014 Adaptability of Coiled Tubing Technology Enables Complex Well Abandonment in Gulf of Mexico Inland Waters ICoTA
Mar 2014 2 3/8- and 2 7/8-in OD Coiled Tubing Operations in Gulf of Mexico Shelf: A Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Way to Prepare for Re-Entry of Wells to Conform to New BSEE Regulations ICoTA
Mar 2014 Coiled Tubing Operations on a Multi-Service Vessel for Deep Water Well Interventions in the Gulf of Mexico: A Decade of Experience High Pressure, High Temperature, Deep Water ICoTA
Mar 2014 First Offshore Coiled Tubing Intervention Using a Catenary System in the Gulf of Mexico ICoTA
Mar 2014 Managing Risk and Reaping Reward in a High Temperature, High H2S, Extended Reach Environment: A Case Study of a Coiled Tubing Stimulation Campaign in the UAE Carbonates ICoTA
Sep 2010 Stimulation of Horizontal Passive Flow-Control Completions Improve Production and Recovery in Naturally-Fractured-Carbonate Reservoirs Carbonates IBP
Mar 2009 Applying Well Remediation Techniques to Subsea Flowlines in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Deep Water SPE

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