K-Master Section Mill

Integrated components

k master diagram

Section mills require a guide mill that is run below the tool. An integral bladed stabilizer is also run below the mill to further enhance stabilization. The guide mill and stabilizer are usually sized at the nearest ⅛-in under the drift diameter of the casing.

A float valve is recommended to run above the section mill. The float valve prevents cuttings from entering the section mill and blocking the piston orifice while making a connection or when the pumps have to be shut down.

Shock tools, which are recommended for longer section milling intervals, help prolong the life of the section mill knife.

An optimized milling fluid provides maximum hole-cleaning performance.

Multiple cutter arms for optimal milling performance

As pump pressure is applied, three cutter arms expand and begin the cutout. When the cutout arms are fully open, three additional cutter arms automatically expand into the milling position using a cam and ramp interface. The shorter lead arm opens slightly ahead of the longer follow arms, providing maximum force for the cutout. When all the arms are fully expanded, the cam reaches a flat interface, locking the knives open as long as a minimum pressure drop across the tool is maintained. All six cutting surfaces are then squarely sealed on top of the casing for optimum milling performance.

Engineered milled casing shavings

Each cutter knife incorporates chip breaker ridges, and the continuous chip breaker design generates steel cuttings with a size and shape that will not accumulate and block flow. These cuttings can easily be circulated out of hole, requiring a minimum of specialized mud conditioning. Designed using the IDEAS mill design platform, the milled casing shavings are engineered to minimize the size for optimal hydraulics without sacrificing milling speed.

Cutter position indicator

The K-Master mill is equipped with a Flo-Tel downhole mechanical position indicator that provides a surface signal to notify the operator when the cutout is completed. This signal indicates that the cutting arms have extended to full sweep to ensure that the mill is not skimming the pipe. Section milling can then begin for the required interval.

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