TrackMaster Select Modular Whipstock Sidetracking System

Overview Equipment Legacy
Case Studies
Date Title Challenge Products
Oct 2017 PowerDrive Xcel RSS with Gyro Technology Saves 5 Days off of AFE, Offshore Russia Deep Water PowerDrive Xcel, TrackMaster CH, Trackmaster
Oct 2013 TrackMaster CH Whipstock Mills World’s Only Triple-String Casing Exit in One Run TrackMaster CH
Jul 2013 TrackMaster OH Whipstock System Sets New GOM Openhole Sidetrack Record at 31,513 ft Deep Water TrackMaster OH
Dec 2014 Cased Hole Whipstock System Drills Multilateral Well in Oklahoma Unconventional Resources TrackMaster CH
Dec 2011 TrackMaster OH System Completes World’s First 17 1/2-in Openhole Sidetrack TrackMaster OH
Aug 2012 Drilling System Delivers One-Trip Openhole Sidetrack and 75° Curve in Oklahoma’s Colony Wash Formation Unconventional Resources TrackMaster OH, Neyrfor Delta, Kinetic
Oct 2013 Cased Hole Whipstock System Saves 5 Rig Days on North Sea Slot Recovery Operation TrackMaster CH
Aug 2016 KOC Achieves High-Quality Window Through Dual Casing in Complex Sidetracking Job Carbonates IDEAS, WhipSim, TrackMaster CH-M
Nov 2012 Deepest Openhole Sidetrack Performed in the Gulf of Mexico at 30,842 ft for McMoRan Exploration Deep Water, Exploration TrackMaster OH
Oct 2013 Cased Hole Whipstock System Performs Total’s First Multilateral Casing Exit Offshore Qatar TrackMaster CH
Jul 2012 First 30-in Casing Exit Enables Slot Recovery in Gulf of Suez for Dana Petroleum TrackMaster CH
Nov 2012 TrackMaster CH System Performs First Deepwater Low-Side Casing Exit in Mexico Deep Water TrackMaster CH
Nov 2012 TrackMaster CH System Delivers Casing Window and Rathole in 2 Hours TrackMaster CH
Jun 2011 First Openhole Sidetrack with Low-Side Exit through Existing Window Onshore Mexico TrackMaster OH
Nov 2012 TrackMaster TT Thru-Tubing Casing Exits in the North Sea Deliver Low DLS Windows Deep Water Trackmaster TT
Feb 2011 Deepwater Casing Window and 85-ft Rathole Completed in One Trip for 9,551 ft of Tight-Tolerance Liner Deep Water TrackMaster CH