Sidetracking Whipstocks

Sidetrack services for your wellbore requirements

For exiting cased or open holes, Schlumberger sidetracking and milling services deliver faster, higher-quality windows and sidetracks to reduce cost and risk. By matching specific technologies to your exact wellbore requirements, our sidetrack services can meet your well departure objectives.

Casing Exits

Openhole Sidetracking

Through-Tubing Sidetracking

Section Milling

Single-trip milling to ensure rock-to-rock isolation.

Multilateral Completion Systems

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TrackMaster OH System Sets GOM Sidetracking Record

TrackMaster OH thumbnail
The system sidetracked 31,513 ft in the mature, complex, deepwater field to enable directional drilling assemblies to reach planned target. Read case study

Whipstock Options for Sidetracking

By incorporating an innovative downhole anchor with a whipstock assembly, drillers can set whipstocks in open holes without concern for cement plug integrity. Read Oilfield Review article