Casing Exits

TrackMaster CH cased hole system provides fast high-quality windows & sidetracks

The TrackMaster CH cased hole whipstock system delivers quality, full-gauge windows for exiting steel casing. Premium mills enable quality window exits in high-grade steel and chrome casings and in formations with unconfined compressive strengths of more than 40,000 psi. The TrackMaster CH system can be configured for any application to provide fast, high-quality windows and sidetracks.

TrackMaster CH Whipstock Mills Triple-String Casing Exit in One Run

Advanced whipstock technology mills multistring casing exit to bring 80-year-old well into production. Read case study

Software systems support job design, and modeling

  • WhipSim casing exit simulation software helps ensure subsequent drilling and completion strings are not affected by the dogleg across the whipstock.
  •  i-DRILL engineered drilling system design helps complete the optimal mill and whipstock design and configuration.
  • Runner drillstring analysis program provides a complete sidetracking model and real-time analysis of the modeled parameters.
  • The IDEAS drillbit design platform designs and tests mill behavior to optimize mill cutting structures for each operation.

Optional configurations

  • FasTrack one-trip mill—for conventional and extended ratholes, with lead, follow, and dress mill designs.
  • Carbide bimill and trimill—for 3- to 15-ft ratholes.
  • Expandable anchor—hydraulically actuated; retrievable; able to span multiple casing sizes and weights; and featuring an antirotational, high-axial-load slip design.
  • Mechanical anchor—weight-set-actuated, retrievable, and featuring an antirotational slip design.
  • Hydraulic anchor—retrievable and featuring an antirotational, high-axial-load slip design.
  • Permanent packer—hydraulically actuated; 5,000-psi element; and featuring an antirotational, high-axial-load slip design.

Trackmaster CH-M

Economical milling, casing exit, and single-trip sidetracking.

TrackMaster Elite Whipstock System

In a single run, the TrackMaster Elite system can mill a 22.125-ft window—40% longer than a standard window—and drill a rathole to operator specifications.

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Whipstock Design Provides Advanced Milling Capability

TrackMaster CH
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North Sea Slot Recovery Operation Saves 5 Rig Days

Dynamic modeling and TrackMaster CH system result in setting largest-ever tight-tolerance liner in 20-in casing.
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