TrackMaster Elite Whipstock System

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Extended-window whipstock system

In a single run, the TrackMaster Elite system can mill a 22.125-ft window—40% longer than a standard window—and drill a rathole to operator specifications. This significantly improves BHA pass-through and eliminates additional runs.

Additionally, the system’s longer whipface enables cased-hole exits at the same overall departure angle with reduced dogleg severity, decreasing tortuosity and improving directional control.

Enhanced features for improved milling

For ensuring full-gauge and full-length windows, the TrackMaster Elite system features advanced technological improvements:

  • Elongated multiramp whipstock slide that spreads the total departure angle over 20 ft instead of the standard 14 ft, effectively reducing dogleg severity and tortuosity
  • Improved durability of lead mill cutting structures with increased cutter density to help ensure full-window milling in a single run
  • Quad-mill option for maximizing efficiency.

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