TrackMaster OH Openhole Whipstock Sidetracking System

Eliminate cement plug uncertainty and drill ahead in
one trip

Designed to deliver single-trip sidetracking, the TrackMaster OH openhole whipstock sidetracking system eliminates the uncertainty of conventional cement plugs and maximizes the probability of a successful sidetrack on the first attempt. For planned or unplanned event sidetracking where lower-zone isolation is not required, the TrackMaster OH system enables single-trip setting and drill-ahead setups. The system can be matched to specific wellbore departure objectives, constraints, and physical characteristics, providing drilling efficiencies that include

  • accurate control for precise kickoff depth and direction
  • elimination of time waiting for cement to cure
  • optimized position in the wellbore
  • rig time savings by elimination of time drilling interval for kickoff.

TrackMaster OH System Completes World’s First
17 1/2-in Openhole Sidetrack

Successful sidetrack through Thai ultrahard conglomerate, 5 m of new hole drilled in 6 hours. Read case study

Control kickoff depth and orientation

The TrackMaster OH system features a hydraulically set, expandable anchor and a steel ramp that provides a positive means of controlling kickoff depth and orientation. The expandable anchor can withstand temperature up to 400 degF and is capable to maintaining a firm, three-point grip on the hole wall. The anchor has an internal lock to hold the system in place after setting.

The steel ramp eliminates the uncertainty of kicking off with a cement plug and the need for expensive repeat attempts. There is no waiting time for cement to cure, and the time-drilling interval is reduced. A clean, smooth transition is created for directional and horizontal applications. With no packer element, faster running in hole is possible, and the risk of damaging the anchor is minimized.

Improve operational efficiency

The TrackMaster OH system aligns the whipstock with the well path for a smooth transition. It enhances mill life and drillbit life by minimizing vibration through BHA design. Depending on the application, there are single-trip and drill-ahead systems with specific drillbit options run on directional assemblies that include rotary steerable systems, positive displacement motors, and Neyrfor turbodrilling systems for sidetracking in soft, medium, and hard formations.

Drill bits are optimized through the drilling system design. Drillbit options include PDC, milled tooth or insert rock bit, diamond-impregnated drill bit, and conventional mill.

Sidetrack in a range of noncementing applications

To meet the wide variety of sidetracking operations, the TrackMaster OH system can be configured for the full range of noncementing applications whenever departure from the wellbore is required. The system can be placed anywhere in the wellbore regardless of well profile or formation. It also provides application-specific sidetracking reliability and the ability to sidetrack on the high side of the cement plug.

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Openhole Whipstock System Saves 7,732 ft of Lateral Wellbore in Eagle Ford Shale

Sidetracking operation with a high-side kickoff at 90° inclination avoids plugging and redrilling 8 1/2-in curve and lateral. Download tech report (0.33 MB PDF)

TrackMaster OH System Sets GOM Sidetracking Record

TrackMaster OH thumbnail
The system sidetracked 31,513 ft in the mature, complex, deepwater field to enable directional drilling assemblies to reach planned target. Read case study


  • Sidetracking formations with unconfined compressive strengths of up to 40,000 psi
  • Landing laterals with tight true vertical depth (TVD) tolerances
  • Maximizing reservoir recovery with optimized horizontal lateral