BroadBand Precision Integrated Completion Service

Fracturing fluids improve proppant transport and placement

Engineered composite fracturing fluids enable channels to connect far-field areas with the wellbore, increasing the volume of fractures effectively contributing to production. The fluids enable proppant transport to maximize coverage in the fracture and mitigate settling, thus promoting the formation of high-conductivity flow channels across all fractures to their total depth and height. (See animation showing lab testing results on the right.)

BroadBand Precision integrated completion service Cemented sliding sleeve enhances accuracy and efficiency

The fullbore sliding sleeves cemented in the well casing string enable on-command opening and closing of each entry point in the completion hardware. This control, which is not offered by any preceding sleeve in the industry, allows every prospective cluster along the lateral to be stimulated individually with accuracy and efficiency. 

Stimulation design integrates modeling and measurements

Integrated workflows combine modeling and measurement data to optimize the placement of fractures and maximize reservoir contact. The Mangrove engineered stimulation design in the Petrel platform enables smarter completion design to help ensure only promising fractures are stimulated to promote the economic viability of your reservoir.

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Maximize Hydrocarbon Production and Recovery

BroadBand Precision Integrated Completion Service
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Engineered Composite Fluid Lab Comparison

BroadBand Precision fracturing fluids improve proppant transport and placement
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