BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service

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Operators across North America have reduced stimulation time by 65% in the Burgos basin, performed remedial stimulation in a Bakken well with stuck casing, and increased the productivity index by 600% and reduced the total completion time by 46% in the Eagle Ford Shale play. 

Optimal completion strategy in the Burgos basin

Pemex successfully evaluated the potential of shale gas in the Pimienta formation in northern Mexico, stimulated the wells, increased completion efficiency, stabilized production, and reduced stimulation time by 65%. Read case study 

Completion in Williston basin uncemented section

Whiting Petroleum Corporation stimulated an uncemented 1,822-ft section and treated 17% of lateral length, enabling the section to contribute 42% of total oil production in the well. Read case study

Openhole completions in the Williston basin

A large Bakken operator in the Williston basin stimulated a 901-ft section of a well with stuck casing, eliminating the need to abandon the toe section for a gain in ISIP of 1,376 psi in just 14 hours. Read case study 

Completion optimization in the Eagle Ford Shale

Marathon Oil Company increased 115-day cumulative oil production per foot of lateral by 21% compared with the conventional plug-and-perf technique.
Read case study 

Refracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale 

An operator reestablished conductivity in old hydraulic fractures while stimulating new volume, increasing the productivity index by more than 600% despite using a smaller choke than the one used prior to the restimulation. Read case study

Reduced total completion time in the Eagle Ford Shale

An operator optimized field development operations, reducing total completion time by 46% and the number of plugs required by 68% when compared with conventional completion techniques. Read case study

BroadBand Sequence Service Increases Gas Rate 700% in Haynesville Well

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service
Comstock Resources increased flowing pressure by 300% and increased gas rate by 700% immediately after refracturing using BroadBand Sequence service. Read case study

Sequenced Fracturing Maximizes Wellbore Coverage

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing ServiceBroadBand Sequence fracturing technique
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