OpenPath Reach Extended-Contact Stimulation Service

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Improve production with deep acid penetration

OpenPath Reach extended-contact stimulation service improves production in carbonate wells with engineered acid stimulation designs that penetrate deep into the reservoir. The service combines slow-reacting fluid systems with reservoir-specific pumping schedules to maximize reservoir contact and ensure open pathways for hydrocarbon flow.

OpenPath Reach Extended-Contact Stimulation Service

OpenPath Reach service extends reservoir stimulation from acid matrix or fracturing treatments.

Engineers can optimize schedules and fluids using Kinetix Matrix matrix stimulation design and other components from the Kinetix stimulation software suite components. The service can also be integrated with OpenPath Sequence diversion stimulation service or MaxCO3 Acid degradable diversion acid system to ensure uniform distribution of stimulation fluids along the wellbore.

Advanced fluid system

An OpenPath Reach service treatment designed with the single-phase retarded acid system achieves performance similar to that achieved with services using emulsified acids, but the single-phase fluid reduces overall footprint on location and minimizes the risk of emulsion issues during production.

Matrix acidizing

For matrix stimulation designs, OpenPath Reach services create longer wormholes in comparison with treatments using the same volume of unmodified hydrochloric acid. Because the fluid system is compatible with friction reducers, designs may include high-rate pumping to accommodate long intervals and further extend wormhole length.

Acid fracturing

For acid fracturing, OpenPath Reach services improve the conductive fracture length in comparison with treatments using the same volume of unmodified hydrochloric acid.

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