Thru-Tubing Services Catalog

With a wide variety of reliable tools for thru-tubing operations, Schlumberger can meet and exceed your well’s connecting, pulling, centralizing, milling, indexing, and cutting needs.

Wellbore Departure

Trackmaster TT Wellbore Departure System

Milling Operations

Neyrfor TTT Thru-Tubing Turbodrill for Coiled Tubing
TTT Turbomill
PowerMill TT Thru-Tubing Motor
TT Hydraulic Pipe Cutter
T Series Mill
Stage Mill

Fishing Tools

Mechanical Pulling Tool
Hydraulic Pulling Tool
Hydraulic Release Overshot
Continuous Tubing Overshot
Series 10- and 20-Type Releasing Overshots
Series 70- and 150-Type Releasing Overshots
Mechanical Release GS
Hydraulic Release GS
Hydraulic Release Spear
Itco-Type Release Spear
TT Double-Acting Hydraulic Jar
TT Double-Acting Accelerator
Single-Acting Hydraulic TMC Jar (Up Only)
Single-Acting TMC Accelerator (Up Only)
TMC Bumper Sub
Dual Circulating Sub
Dual-Flapper Check Valve
Venturi Jet Basket

Workstring Tools

CT Connectors
Quick Connector
Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Disconnect
TJ Hydraulic Disconnect
Torque-Through Knuckle Joint
Locking Swivel Joint
Hydraulic Indexing Tool
Hydraulic Bowspring Centralizer
Mechanical Bowspring Centralizer
Motor Head Assembly

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Thru-Tubing Services

Thru-Tubing Services Catalog
Download catalog (0.59 MB PDF), to browse Schlumberger thru-tubing tools and services.