Well Plug & Abandonment

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ProCEDE Comprehensive Plug-and-Abandonment Systems

From the Gulf of Mexico to the North Sea, ProCEDE comprehensive plug-and-abandonment systems enable you to experience significant cost savings in well abandonment milling, cutting, and fishing operations. In conjunction with our laboratory and software groups, we can dynamically model BHAs and cutting structures to optimize milling and cutting.

ProLATCH Latching Subsea Wellhead Retrieval Systems

Handle any combination of casing and wellhead types using wellhead retrieval systems and multistring mechanical pipe cutters.

ProMILL Trip-Saving Milling and Underreaming System

When preparing the foundation for an abandonment cement barrier, save rig time with technology that combines an underreamer, a section mill, and a bridge plug in one single-trip solution.

ProCISE Casing Cutting and Pulling Systems

Facilitate effective casing cutting and recovery using a system that can apply overpull for a clean cut, perform multiple cuts per trip, and recover casing reliably and effectively.

Slot Recovery

Wellbore & BOP Cleanup Systems

Integrated Well Abandonment

Pipe Cutters

Sever single or multiple strings of casing or drillpipe.
Drillpipe and Casing Cutters | Hydraulic Multicycle Pipe Cutter

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P&A Service Frees, Recovers Casing in One Trip

Unique single-trip cut, circulate, and pull service saves two trips on deepwater GOM slot recovery. Read case study