Wireline Cased Hole Intervention Service

Comprehensive cased hole services to optimize lifetime production

Cased-hole services help you understand both your well and your reservoir to optimize lifetime production. Whether you need engineered perforating, production or crosswell logging, or well integrity evaluation, our comprehensive cased hole services make sure your wells can continue to reach their full production potential, year in, year out.

Minimize risk by proactively identifying and fixing problems encountered during completion and production. All cased-hole services are delivered by experts in the field with the support of field-based data interpretation specialists.

Look beyond the immediate well environment to monitor fluid distribution and movement in the reservoir with the DeepLook-EM enhanced crosswell reservoir monitoring system. Track fluid fronts and identify bypassed pay from reservoir-scale resistivity images.

Scanner Services

ReSOLVE Instrumented Wireline Intervention Service

ABC Analysis Behind Casing Services

Obtain essential well log data—including the collection of fluid samples—in cased holes to find bypassed pay and optimize reservoir management.

Wireline Pipe Recovery

Wireline Tractor Conveyance

Leverage the efficiency of wireline conveyance to deep and highly deviated wells with integrated tractor deployment systems.


Crosswell electromagnetic imaging expands the scale of resistivity logging from the near-wellbore environment to reservoir monitoring, directly measuring formation resistivity in wells up to 1,000 m apart.

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The Missing Piece of Information

Log displays the FNXS measurement, which is uniquely sensitive to gas.
New fast neutron cross-section measurement for gas volume quantification enables full cased-hole formation evaluation. Read article

Illuminating the Interwell Volume: Up to 1,000 m Apart

DeepLook-EM crosswell electromagnetic imaging service monitors fluid fronts and finds bypassed pay on a reservoir scale. Visit DeepLook-EM page