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Developing solutions for deep and ultra-deepwater carbonate fields

Located on the campus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the Schlumberger Brazil Research and Geoengineering Center plays a leading role in the development and integration of enabling technologies and expertise for the exploration and production of presalt carbonates in deep- and ultradeepwater fields.

The research center consists of a geoengineering research center for research and development work in collaboration with industry and academia and three specially designed, fully integrated laboratories for testing and evaluating rocks and fluids in controlled environments. In addition, the research center hosts a geoengineering technology center for developing end-to-end geosciences and geoengineering workflows using the Ocean application development framework and Petrel seismic-to-simulation software. It also hosts a WesternGeco GeoSolutions Hub that provides seismic data integration-optimized solutions to address specific regional challenges. The center has 10,000 m2 of office, laboratory, and conference space and staffing capacity for 300 people.

Ongoing research programs are as follows:

Marine Electromagnetics program

Aims to integrate deep-reading electromagnetic (EM) methods into the seismic depth-imaging workflow for improved drilling prospect identification.

Petrophysics program

Focuses on understanding the characteristics of Brazil presalt carbonates to optimize hydrocarbon production.

Reservoir Engineering program

Studies and develops novel algorithms to model and simulate fractured carbonate reservoirs.

Geomechanics program

Investigates using 4D seismic data together with coupled geomechanics and flow simulation to improve digital representation of the reservoir and overburden.

Drilling Optimization program

Multiteam effort of Schlumberger companies (Drilling & Measurements, Smith, M-I SWACO, Geoservices, and TerraTek Geomechanics Laboratory) develops customized solutions in collaboration with customers to improve drilling efficiency in presalt carbonate reservoirs.

Completions program

Develops inventive solutions for remotely controlling and monitoring wells.

Geology program

Investigates the geology of Brazilian pre-salt carbonates with a special focus on sedimentology and digenesis.

Production program

Develops tailored techniques and products for well construction and production with the goal of safely increasing the hydrocarbon production of pre-salt and unconventional reservoirs. Highly specialized laboratories and experimental facilities ensure that BRGC will provide industry-leading technologies.


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  Schlumberger Brazil Research and Geoengineering Center
Rua Paulo Emídio Barbosa, 485, Quadra 7B
Parque Tecnológico, Cidade Universitária
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Schlumberger Brazil Research and Geoengineering Center
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