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Research at the Schlumberger Stavanger Research Center (SSR) in Stavanger, Norway, focuses on developing cross-disciplinary tools and workflows for geophysical reservoir characterization and monitoring through the automated analysis and modeling of subsurface measurement data. Scientists with backgrounds spanning the broader seismic-to-simulation workflow suite concentrate their research efforts on key themes to develop solutions for the Norwegian Continental Shelf, Gulf of Mexico, and offshore Brazil. SSR is colocated with the North Sea GeoMarket offices, and together with WesternGeco constitutes the 4D Center of Excellence.

Automated Earth modeling

SSR scientists direct their research to developing a suite of tools that facilitate multiscale Earth modeling frameworks. These tools provide the next-generation automated seismic-stratigraphic interpretation system.

Basin-to-prospect-to-reservoir scale

A special emphasis of the basin-to-prospect-to-reservoir-scale theme is on deepwater subsalt plays. SSR scientists provide added value to Schlumberger data and services by enabling efficient data navigation, interpretation, and integration—from exploration to production.

Seismic to simulation

Research is directed to developing workflows for creating model geometries, property population, and history matching of reservoir fluid flow and geomechanical models. These models are consistent with primitives derived from seismic measurements, with automated updates in real time. Scientists capture the uncertainty of each model realization in quality/uncertainty metrics.

4D seismic

SSR scientists are developing workflows for combining 4D seismic and passive seismic with other time-lapse measurements to reduce inversion uncertainties. The goal is to extend the applicability of 4D seismic to provide automated structural framework updates, fluid flow mapping, and detection of geomechanical overburden perturbations, primarily in the diagnosis of well performance and caprock integrity.

Real-time model-centric workflows

Extensive research is being conducted to enable real-time updating of model-centric workflows using seismic-derived model repositories in combination with real-time measurements. Key applications are seismic-guided geosteering and optimal recovery workflows.

Monitoring of subsurface CO2 storage

Safe storage of CO2 is the goal of SSR scientists who are developing surveillance methods to ensure permanent CO2 sequestration.


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Schlumberger Stavanger Research Center
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