Schlumberger Abingdon Technology Center

Abingdon Technology Center (AbTC) is the Schlumberger Center of Excellence for Reservoir Engineering. It develops software that enables oil and gas companies to make better decisions for reservoir development. Simulation helps quantify reserves and distribution within the formation rocks and to predict changes over the life of the reservoir. Production decisions involve where and how to drill and operate wells and how to most safely and efficiently bring oil and gas to the surface. Related projects include CO2 capture-and-storage technology, water management, and reservoir geomechanics. Petroleum and reservoir specialists are involved in product commercialization, user training as part of Schlumberger Technical Services, and worldwide product support. Schlumberger Information Solutions is ISO 9001:2000-certified.

AbTC works closely with other Schlumberger research and technology centers and segments. Its specialists directly support internal and external users worldwide and communicate with other support engineers through the Schlumberger online support and knowledge management system. This global connection can help customers analyze problems encountered in the field, identify solutions, and improve future operations.

Employee collaboration and global knowledge sharing

Through collaboration with universities in the UK, USA, and France, as well as an internship program, AbTC promotes relationships with universities around the globe. Employees at all levels benefit from a continuous training program, tailored career management, extensive electronic library facilities, and a global structure that supports knowledge sharing and teamwork. Management encourages patent applications, conference participation, and journal publications.


+44 1235 559595


Abingdon Technology Centre
55 Western Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4RU
United Kingdom

Registered Office: Victory House, Churchill Road, Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex. RH10 9LU


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Abingdon Technology Center
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