Montpellier Technology Center

The Montpellier Technology Center (MpTC) is the center of excellence for wellbore and structural geology software. Based in Montpellier, located in the south of France, the center develops state-of-the-art software for oil and gas exploration, appraisal, evaluation, and production.

Activities span from software engineering to customer support—from technical documentation to quality assurance. The MpTC is connected to Schlumberger engineering centers in Norway, UK, US, Japan, and China, and is also in direct contact with operations teams and customers across the world.

Customizable and integrated applications

The MpTC is focused on developing the Techlog wellbore software platform, the Petrel E&P software platform, Malcom interactive fluid characterization software, and the Ocean software development framework. The aim is to produce fast, customizable, integrated applications that help oil and gas scientists and engineers to work more productively.

Born from the integration of Techsia and Igeoss, the MpTC now employs approximately 100 professionals from more than 15 nationalities—a dynamic and energetic team working in a highly collaborative, innovative, and dynamic environment. Our most important asset is the people we employ. We take great pride in our ability to bring together a wide array of backgrounds and skills in a seamless organization, producing innovative products using the strength of our diversity.


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