Schlumberger Riboud Product Center

Schlumberger Riboud Product Center (SRPC) is the largest Schlumberger technology and development center in Europe. Approximately 800 scientists, engineers, and technicians, of more than 50 nationalities, design and manufacture equipment and systems for our oilfield services worldwide. Based in Clamart, near Paris, France, SRPC specializes in:

Formation evaluation
Real-time measurements while drilling or via wireline cable

Production-related measurements
Measurements made periodically or continuously, with permanent installations in wells

Testing of hydrocarbon reservoirs
Downhole transient measurements and equipment to handle produced fluids at the surface

Chemical formulations for fluids used during well construction

SRPC teams form a center of excellence for research and development of breakthrough technologies for geological exploration.

SRPC has a global reputation for its expertise in

  • high-temperature electronics
  • mechanical systems for extreme conditions
  • physics of sensors and measurements
  • chemistry and materials sciences
  • software development
  • applied mathematics
  • geophysics and geology
  • oil and gas engineering.

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+33 1 4537 2000



Etudes et Productions Schlumberger
1 rue Henri Becquerel
92140 Clamart


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Schlumberger Riboud Product Center
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